YCL Women's Series // Abbey Jones, founder of Lovechild.

Today's YCL Woman is the beautiful, compassionate Abbey from Lovechild, a vegan boutique. I met Abbey over a year ago, we bonded over amazing vegan food & a passion for making a change for the animals we share this planet with. We're so humbled to have YCL part of Lovechild's online store, as well as within their new Bricks & Mortar space in Miami, at the Gold Coast. 

1. Who are you & what do you do?

My name is Abbey Jones and I am the founder and creative director of LOVECHILD cruelty free vegan boutique.  This is THE LOVECHILD online & LOVECHILD LANEWAY shop, Miami Gold Coast.

2. What’s your favourite piece of jewellery & what story does it hold?

If not YCL, a necklace that my girlfriend hand made from vegan leather and shells which was the first brand to stock on LOVECHILD 2 years ago. My favourite piece of jewellery is the Archaic choker & Constellation Disc necklace. 

3. Why do you love your YCL treasures?

YCL would have to be the first jewellery line I have ever come across that holds so much passion, meaning and love behind its design. It is one thing to purchase a piece of jewellery but with YCL you are buying an experience, helping support a movement of conscious vegan accessories and learning about the meaningful and magical side you are able to express that is your self through jewellery.

4. Whats the best advice that you’ve ever received?

Honestly, that exercise is paramount to feeling your best, to stop and breathe deep, be grateful and plan your day by writing everything down. I live by this 


5. When do you feel most at home in your own skin?

When Im spending time with girl friends that love me just as much as I love them. Doing girly things having unexpected laughs, usually over amazing vegan food and wine! ;) 




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