On My Being | Layering Necklaces + Mixing Crystals


Despite being a jewellery designer my style is quite minimal, hence the fine style of my designs. However I love to subtly layer my pieces, especially earrings & necklaces. Sometimes I'll wear up to 3 necklaces, all of which sit at different lengths. This is the reason why I design a diverse range of lengths & styles, as I always envision them worn together. To me, there is nothing more elegant than subtle & minimalistic fine chain adorning a woman's neck. I often get asked if you can mix crystals, & if you can will the energy they emit still be as strong & direct. The answer is YES, I always mix crystals dependant on what I feel that day. I will have a more detailed post about this at a later date. 

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Realigning Your Gut Health For The New Year

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