How To: Layering Your Jewels

Layered: Infinite choker, Waterfall of the Heart necklace, & Empress body chain. 

Layering YCL necklaces has become our signature style. Our beautiful YCL women are loving to wear 2-5 YCL designs all together, & with warmer weather just around the corner in Australia, pairing sparkling fine jewels with a beautiful dress will be all you'll find me in this Summer! 

Really, when it comes to layering jewellery you can be a cray or minimalistic as you'd like. You can layer chunky on chunky, fine on fine, whatever you like! Here at YCL, our style is quite subtle & minimal, so today I'll be chatting about how to achieve the perfect layered look with fine pieces.

Layering How To:

  1. Choose your metal: Gold or silver? I am personally a gold gal, the only silver piece I wear is my 'Vegan' ring, made by my beautiful friend Charlotte, from Luna Light

  2. Choose your lengths: My go-to layered style includes a choker, a piece that sits over my heart, & then a body chain. I create this style with 3 YCL pieces: Infinite Choker, Waterfall of the Heart necklace & our Empress body chain. It's best to try to stagger your necklace lengths so they all flow together, rather than having 3 necklaces that all sit at the same length; as they will bundle up & you won't get the full 'dripping down' effect on the decollage. 

  3. Work with your outfit: It's important to think about the outfit you are wearing, as you won't want to pair a body chain with a turtle neck, long sleeve top, as you wouldn't see it. When I layer quite a few pieces, I like to wear a top that dips quite low, as then as stage & level of the necklaces are highlighted. If I am wearing say a high scoop-necked top, I would pair two chokers, one worn on the tightest loop, & then one extended to the longest loop. Our Constellation necklace & Sanctified choker work well. I would then pair these styles with our Infinite necklace, as it would drape beautifully down the top, whilst not being to bold on the high neckline.

  4. Mix your styles: I am currently loving the look of long, fine earrings paired with 2-3 long-lined necklaces. It's almost looks like all your jewellery is flowing as one. I particularly adore this look in gold, with an all black or white ensemble. 

  5. Mix textures: Don't be afraid to mix it up with a simple gold necklace, black chord choker, & then a necklace that has a statement pendant. You can achieve this look with YCL pieces: From the Ocean necklace in garnet, Archaic choker in black & our Amulet necklace

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