Moonstone // The Stone of Femininity

To us, Moonstone is the ultimate crystal for our womanhood, and we feel so blessed and nurtured whenever we wear it. The feminine energy of this stone helps us to adopt a grace with our depth of feeling, and gentleness. To a woman it can enhance our sense of intuition, empathy and clairvoyance.

Moonstone opens our innate nurturing abilities as women, and helps feed and support new love in our lives. 

You can also use Moonstone to support the inner sexual goddess within you. It is said the moonstone energy is erotic and sensual, stimulating the fire within.

Moon stone helps a woman get in touch with her natural cycles, particular because it is a lunar stone. Therefore its helpful to balance and foster our fertility. It affects our reproductive energy, balancing menstrual issues, and helping us to move through pregnancy with ease and grace.

Next time you get an opportunity to work with Moonstone, place it on your chin to connect with it and allow it to balance your emotional state. We hope you enjoy the peace as much as we do. 

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