Realigning Your Gut Health For The New Year

There is no denying that 2021 was a huge, unique year and looking forward to the festive season was a top priority. Christmas holidays are a wonderful way to switch off, reflect on the year that has been, set goals for the year ahead and spend time with family and friends. Naturally, this time of year can often mean an increase in alcohol consumption and eating foods that are high in refined sugar, all of which are inflammatory to our bodies. Optimal gut health is one of the single most important components in ensuring our bodies are healthy and thriving. If your digestive system is suffering, this may appear as brain fog, fatigue, skin issues (e.g. eczema, psoriasis, rashes), poor concentration, memory loss, irritability and the list goes on.
 Below are 5 tips tips to support your body in realigning your gut health:

1. Reduce intake of inflammatory foods

Common foods that are considered inflammatory and should be avoided or reduced are: refined sugar, vegetable oils, gluten and foods containing preservatives (tip: always look for the numbers featuring on an ingredients list, these are preservatives. Less is more!). 

2. Imbibe Beauty Renewal

The Imbibe Beauty Renewal drink is certainly a crowd favourite. This amazing formulation includes multi-strain probiotics that aid your beneficial gut bacteria to thrive and in turn improving your digestive function and supporting glowing skin. 

3. Increase Water Intake 

Aiming to drink no less than 2.5L of filtered water per day is a wonderful way to flush out toxins and keep you hydrated. Each day we are faced with a number of environmental toxins and ensuring our detoxification pathways are working appropriately is important. Water is your number 1 go-to for supporting your body. The 1L Frank Green Ceramic Water Bottles are amazing. 

4. Move your body 

Exercise daily, even if this entails a leisurely 20 minute stroll along the beach or an online pilates class (YouTube & Instagram have great options at no cost). Research indicates daily movement is important for optimal bowel function and supports beneficial gut bacteria. 

5. Reduce Stress!

Physical, emotional and mental stress cause systemic inflammation and as a result, our gut health suffers. Consider adding a 10 minute guided meditation to your evening routine or finally getting to that book you’ve had on your list all year. 
 About Adelaide 
Adelaide is a clinical naturopath who combines scientific evidence and traditional knowledge. She is passionate about supporting women’s health, detoxification, skin conditions and digestive complaints.
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