Star Sign of the Month : Leo

"If you love a Leo, you must value their immense generosity to every human being they come across. These are glass-half-full kind of folk. Because of this, they will always give you the benefit of the doubt, just make sure you give the same in return."

Quote via Nadine Jane Astrology

Welcome to our brand-new Journal segment "Star Sign of the Month". Each month will feature the star sign for the month, including the sign's quirks, how to pick them & our top jewellery picks for each individual sign. Introducing our beloved Leo.

She is...

She is bold & magnetic.

She lights up every room.

She is warm & loving to everyone she meets.

She is born to rule.

She is honest & straightforward.

She radiates positivity.

Our Top Picks for Leo

She loves to wear bold pieces that make her standout from the crowd, which is why we have chosen our Leo & Heirloom Necklaces.

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