Star Sign Of The Month: Pisces

"If you love a Pisces, you must value their ability to empathize with anyone. Even their own worst enemy. Don't worry, they aren't being pushovers. They simply feel what others cannot see."

Quote via Nadine Jane Astrology

Welcome to our brand new journal segment "Star Sign of the Month". Each month will feature the star sign for the month, including the sign's quirks, how to pick them and our top jewellery picks for each individual sign. Introducing our beloved Pisces.

She is...

She is a dreamer.

She is a hopeless romantic.

She is complex, empathetic and very caring.

She has a natural ability to read other people's minds.

She is the best companion and is unquestionably loyal.

Our Top Picks for Pisces

Oval Femme Necklace

Vase Hoops

She appreciates unique and intricate jewels which is why we've chosen our   Oval Femme Necklace and Vase Hoops.

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