Affordable Gold Rings

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Affordable Engagement & Wedding Gold Rings

Gold is one of the most expensive metals on the market and as a result of this, finding jewelry made from good quality gold for a reasonable price is not easy. You often have to choose whether you want a cheap gold ring, which is not very good quality, or one that costs a little bit extra for more quality.

To help you make your decision to purchasing more affordable gold rings, here is a helpful guide that explains the difference between Plated Gold and Gold Filled!


Plated Gold

Plated gold is a great option for a cheap gold ring, as you get the appearance of a gold ring, however, it’s not solid. For example, you can purchase an 18K gold plated ring, rather than solid gold – yet looks exactly the same. If you are on a budget or after a cheaper type of gold ring, this is the perfect option for you.


Gold Filled

Gold filled is a great middle range for a cheap gold ring option. With a blend of gold and another metal (such as sterling silver) it means that it does have a higher gold content but without the price tag. If you are looking for cheap gold wedding ring sets or other types of cheap gold rings that will serve a similar purpose to solid gold – the gold filled option is a great alternative for you, at a fraction of the cost!


It’s Time To Order!

Once you have settled on the right jeweler or you have found an item that you like, ensure that it is the type of cheap gold ring that you are after – whether that’s plated gold, gold filled or solid gold. It has never been easier to have the appearance of a beautiful gold ring – without the expensive price tag!

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