Infinite Hoops

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Infinite Hoops
Infinite Hoops
Infinite Hoops
Infinite Hoops
Infinite Hoops

The perfect smaller sized, everyday hoop that will hug your ear lobe & add some edge to any layered look. Designed for the modern woman, these hoops have a convenient latch clasp, making them easy to take in & out.

  • 14k gold fill
  • Soft coloured yellow gold
  • Two sizes available, 12mm or 17mm
  • Available in a pair or as a single hoop
  • Latch clasp
  • Shipped within 24 hours, on business days
  • 8 month manufacturing warranty

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12mm & 17mm Gold Hoop Earrings

Our 12mm and 14mm gold hoop earring rang is perfect for anyone after a versatile hoop option. These can be worn with any outfit or hairstyle, so we guarantee you’ll look amazing! Due to the adaptability of these hoops, they’ll be suitable for work, school, formal or casual wear.

The main thing to consider when looking at our 12mm and 14mm hoops range is the type of fastening that you may be interested in. Whether you’d like spring fastened hoops, French lock fastening hoops or huggie studs or snap fastening. We have included some information below of the different types of hoop fastening for you to consider.

Gold hoops were very popular in the 90s and have made a solid comeback now and are here to stay, given the style and versatility, hoops are suitable for anyone for any occasion.


Spring fastening.

A hoop is defined with the closure type. The first and most common fastening type for 12mm hoop earrings is a spring fastening. This type of hoop earring is perfect if you don’t like the look of a closure as the wire/post is hidden within the tube, which is moved with a simple spring when you are putting on your earrings. This way, a continuous circle is made and your hoops will be seamless. It is a simple, no-fuss look and suitable for any occasion. Ranging from 12mm-14mm, we will have hoops with this fastening that suit the look that you’re after.


French lock fastening.

Another type of fastening that we use on our hoops is French Lock. Though this isn’t very common, it will make your hoops seem classy while keeping them secure. They are made with a post that closes into the different fork-shaped part of a secure fixing. They are a simple and elegant type of hoop fastening. We recommend these types of earring as they are easy to take them on an off – so you’re not spending time trying to fiddle around with difficult latches.  This is a very popular way to fasten hoops in the industry right now.


Huggie studs or snap fastening.

The clasp on the hoops is a hinged snap, which means that the middle hinge separates into to. As with all standard hoops, they open at the hinge where the post goes through your ear and then fastens. Our earrings are small, however, they are elaborate in style so it means that the hoops can be worn with any type of hairstyle and be perfect.

Choosing hoop earrings to wear won’t be a problem for you. You just need to find the right dress! Check out our fine collection of gold earringsgold hoop earringschoker necklace today.


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Infinite Hoops
Infinite Hoops
Infinite Hoops
Infinite Hoops
Infinite Hoops
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14k gold fill jewellery is not the same as plated jewellery, it indicates a thick layer of 14k solid gold pressure bonded over 925 sterling silver. Rather, plated jewellery only includes a very thin layer of gold electroplated over a base metal, which can wear/rub off over time. Gold fill has more longevity than plated jewellery, & when cared for correctly will be part of your jewellery collection for many years to come. This piece does not contain nickel.

Learn how to care for your peices by exploring our in depth 'Care Guide'.

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