Elemental Jewellery by YCL Jewels

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Elemental Jewellery by YCL Jewels

Discover your inner element with our series of elemental pendants and necklaces. If you’re an air sign, breathe new life into every day with the perfect signature piece. Blaze new paths with fire, stay grounded with earth and move with grace & flow like water. Available in 14k gold vermeil & 925 sterling silver..

Elemental pendants and necklaces

Each one of our pendants is attached to a star sign and can be coupled with one of our horoscope pieces. However these standalone pendants are perfect for wearing on their own and truly make the wearer feel very much “in their element.”.

Discover your signature piece

YCL Jewels is a female-led organisation that sources the finest materials to ensure every piece is a wearable work of art. Each elemental necklace is hand crafted by our global artisans & is lovingly packaged by our Gold Coast team. Discover your signature piece today.

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