Moissanite Rings By YCL Jewels

First discovered by Henri Moissan, the Moissanite stone shares striking similarities to its counterpart, the diamond, due to its clarity, refraction, strength and overall brilliance. With no harmful impacts on our environment, our Moissanite stones are lab made & score 9.25 on Mohs Scale of Hardness.

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Moissanite engagement rings

Choose a conscious alternative to diamonds with our collection of handmade Moissanite rings, available in 14k solid yellow & rose gold, & platinum.

Discover Australia’s finest artisanal Moissanite rings

Made to mark some of life’s most defining moments, YCL Moissanite engagement rings and wedding rings are hand crafte. An unmatched collection of 14k solid gold delivers long-term wear and a metal that maintains its luster. Give a gift that reflects your loved one’s rarity, without harming the planet.