YCL Jewels creates sophisticated, minimalistic jewellery for the modern & mystic woman.

YCL designs draw on timeless looks to create pieces for style savvy women. On a deeper level, each piece of embraces principals of sacred geometry & feature crystals intentionally chosen to support our #YCLWomen live wholeheartedly & manifest their wildest dreams.
Each & every piece of YCL is designed by CEO + Creative Director Fabienne, whom also hand-makes 70% of YCL's treasures in YCL's Gold Coast-based studio. She has been making jewellery for over 10 years & with no professional training, is completely self-taught. The other 30% of YCL treasures are ethically crafted in India, where Fabienne travels frequently to work with her team over there. 
Fabienne infuses the brand with her intention, intuition, & values; this is why YCL is cruelty-free, & she also also attempts to keep the carbon footprint of the brand low by using minimal packaging & paper within orders, & within YCL's studio. 
Our Mission: To create jewellery that is not just worn for aesthetic purpose, but rather to create jewellery that holds meaning to the beholder.  


Here at YCL we do not believe animals should suffer at the hands of our treasures & packaging. This is why we use zero animal bi-products, such as leather, suede, ivory etc, within our designs or packaging. 
Ethically Made with Love
70% of YCL treasures are handmade in Australia, & the other 30% is ethically made in India. YCL's CEO Fabienne personally travels to overseas each year to design & sample upcoming collections & meet with YCL's factories. 
Minimal Packaging 
YCL treasures are beautifully packaged, however we do believe less is more. To keep our carbon footprint as minimal as we can, each YCL treasure comes packaged in one individual box (not multiple boxes per treasure). When multiple treasures are ordered, they will be packaged uniquely depending on the design, to ensure safe travels.


Lorde, Nathalie Kelley, Elena Perminova, Megan Gale, Jennifer Hawkins, Delta Goodrem & Karissa Sparke. 

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