Crystal Meanings


YCL places a firm value on the metaphysical and energy giving properties of crystal therapy.


Place these clusters around your home to create a light bubble of positive energy. Reduces stress, insomnia & anxiety & promotes connection to your spirituality & intuition.


A deeply spiritual stone that offers a cleansing influence on your aura, especially in the mental body. This stone can be used as a dream stone for creative problem solving, & aids with communication.


The stone of courage & quieting of the mind. Aquamarine can invoke tolerance of others, offer the space for you to overcome judgments, & offers support to those overwhelmed by responsibility.  

Black Onyx

This crystal aids in self control and decision making. It enhances intuition and is very protective, it also aids in altering habits you wish to change.


Aids & enhances creativity, & manifests the deepest of intentions & thoughts, so use wisely!

Crystal Quartz

Clear quartz amplifies, stores & programs energy. It is powerful to use within meditation, facilitates healing & brings clarity to the mind.


Promotes balance &stability in your life, enhances personal power, creates overall health &wellbeing, encourages you to trust in yourself.

Green Aventurine

Deeply healing, stone of opportunity, relinquishes old habits, allowing you to move through life with confidence and embrace change.


Brings balance to your life, especially if chaos is something you cannot shake. Iolite helps to aid people who are easily distracted & disorganised. This stone also stimulates the astral body.


Enhances intuitive abilities, when wearing or carrying, Labradorite allows your innate & earthly energy to surface. It also assists in reducing anti-social, reckless or impulsive behavior in children.

Lapis Lazuli

This deep blue stone opens the third eye, expands your senses, connects heart & head to create balance, attunes you to ancient wisdom, and supports spiritual truth and connection.


Crystal of intuition, hope, calm & aids with stress. It cultivates hope, enhances feminine energies, deep sensitivity, & psychic abilities. It's opalescent colouring is very feminine.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline (also known as rubellite) is an energetically gentle stone that touches the heart. It emits calming & nurturing energy, & is associated with feminine energies. It vibrates a deep resonance with the heart chakra.

Rose quartz

The universal stone of love, it will send beams of love & happiness into your space & into your heart, it also aids to heal the relationship you have with others & yourself. It aids in attracting love into your life.

Smokey Quarttz

Deeply grounding, helps to facilitate 'land legs', aids in doing practical things, whilst holding insights from higher vibrations, enhances practicality, focus & patience. Transmutes negative energy by grounding it back into the earth.

White Topaz

Clarifies your thoughts & intentions, & aids spiritual development. It inspirits you to accept direction and guidance from the universe & find your purpose. Aids with manifesting, as it has strong magnification energy.

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