Why YCL Works with White Sapphires instead of Diamonds

Sapphires consist of corundum & are the second-hardest substance on the planet, diamonds being number one. Diamonds are still less likely to scratch than sapphires, however white sapphire is extremely durable (as they score 2 on the durability scale); your white sapphire may require a polish every few years. Diamonds can also be prone to chipping due to its crystalline structure, apposed to white sapphire where in most cases will never chip.
Historically, more diamonds than sapphires have been linked to civil wars. Amnesty International estimates that 3.7 million people have died in civil wars fuelled by blood diamonds. This is YCL's main reason for choosing white sapphires over diamonds for our bespoke & RITUALS treasures; as we value working together in sourcing & consuming more ethically sourced stones that support fair labour.
In ancient history, sapphires have been regarded as universal healing stones. They were believed to be able to boost the immunity of the wearers, as well as they psychological wellbeing. 
White Sapphire: Brings wisdom & strength of spirit, this stone emits a pure, clarifying energy for thought & opening of the powers of the mind. Through the Crown Chakra, White Sapphire strengthens ones communication with their Higher Self for seeking spiritual guidance for this lifetime, & offers the strength needed to overcome obstacles within one’s spiritual path.

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