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 A collection designed to protect. Blue, the traditional colour for positive energy & protection. Clarity, evoking balance, purity & peace. Emerald, symbolising abundance, renewal & personal growth. 

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Evil Eye Pendants & Necklaces by Australian Artisans

Originating from the Mediterranean and western Asia about 5,000 years ago, the Evil Eye stands as a symbol of protection from those who wish harm on the wearer. The Evil Eye actually represents both the malevolent glare or stare from a person towards another, the only defence against which is another Evil Eye.

It’s colours are representative of good karma, positive energies, but also protection against the bad intentions of the original Evil Eye.

It is believed there are three types of evil eye:

  • The first is accidental, or unconscious. Harm is caused a without intention,
  • The second cased intentional harm but it is seen,
  • The third is the hidden Evil Eye, often regarded as the scariest of all evil eyes.
Evil Eye pendants, amulets, charms & jewellery ward off the unforgiving malevolence of the Evil Eye, and they have become popular across Europe, the Middle East, parts of Africa & the Mediterranean.

Coloured Evil Eye Jewellery

The colours of Evil Eye jewellery are representative of different beliefs.

  • Blue is the traditional colour for positive energy, good karma & protection against the Evil Eye.
  • Clear represents balance, purity, & peace.
  • Emerald represents abundance, renewal & personal growth.
Whichever colour aligns with your personality & beliefs, all can be purchased from YCL Jewels in a variety of forms, including pendants, earrings, bracelets & necklaces. All our products are either 14K gold vermeil or 18K gold.

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