Fine Gold Rings By YCL Jewels

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Fine Gold Rings By YCL Jewels

Our beautifully crafted fine gold rings are crafted with high quality metals to create an intentional piece, made just for you.

Gold and Gem Rings for Any Occasion

Whether you’re seeking the perfect moissanite ring for an engagement or a peridot piece to layer with your existing collection, you’ll find a piece that’s perfect for every occasion from the YCL Jewels collection.

Rings Worth Their Weight in Gold from YCL

Moissanite stones are very similar to diamonds, due to their clarity, refraction, strength and overall brilliance. Moissanite stones are lab made which means no ecosystems or habitats are destroyed in their creation. Purchase any of our rings online and you’ll receive your item with minimal packaging and the joy that comes with discovering your perfect signature piece.

How to Take Care of a Gold Ring.

Once you have found the perfect fine gold ring, it is important that you take care of it. A simple gold ring is one of the most admired pieces and so many people own one. As gold rings are suitable for men and women, they are often used as a wedding band or other significant purpose. Because of this, a fine gold ring is usually a piece you would like to have for a long period of time. It is important to take care of it and be aware of conditions that can impact the lifespan. Here are some tips to take care of your ring.

Avoid Oily Skin

While you are obviously wearing your fine gold ring on your skin, it’s important to note your skin type and how this may affect the gold. For example, the chemistry of your body – whether your skin is oily or acidic, can react poorly with your ring. In addition, if you are prone to sweating this may also cause discoloration or wear to your ring. To avoid oxidization or other issues to your ring, ensure you remove it for exercise or at other times you may have excess moisture on your hands.

Impact With Other Materials.

It could be accidentally or intentionally, but rubbing metal on other metals can cause damage. This happens more in the way people store their jewelry. For instance, storing your rings together where they can touch one another or other jewellery means that they can rub when moved. If possible, try keeping them separately. Find a soft surface where you can keep the ring safe when you are not wearing it to prevent loss or wear and tear.

Cleaning the ring

It is important that you clean your fine gold ring from time to time. However, you need to consider what you use when cleaning the ring. Avoid using fresh or salt water, as the salt can be hash on the ring. It can cause rust, oxidization, and tarnishing. Fresh water also has chlorine, which does similar damage to a fine gold ring. Similarly, ensure that after showers – you’ve dried properly as leaving water between your fingers can cause damage.

When Can You Remove the Ring?

Sometimes you will have to remove the ring to keep it safe. When you go swimming at the beach and in the pools, or when you shower, take your gold ring off. Before going for exercise or sleeping, or any time you may perspire – ensure that your ring is removed.

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