Care Guide

Caring for your jewellery

Please remove your jewellery when showering or swimming, sleeping, exercising, applying make-up & cosmetics, perfume, oils & moisturisers.

14k Gold Vermeil | 925 Sterling Silver base metal

Gold vermeil jewellery indicates a thick layer 14k solid gold plated over a base of 925 sterling silver, which makes it hypoallergenic. Gold vermeil offers up to 3-4 times thicker gold-plating than standard plated pieces, & due to this is a very long wearing piece of jewellery & is suitable for daily wear. This piece does not contain nickel. Over time your piece may face to a beautiful rose gold tone.


14k Gold Fill | 925 Sterling Silver base metal 

14k gold fill indicates a thick layer of solid gold bonded over 925 sterling silver or copper. Our 925 sterling silver based pieces are nickel-free, hypoallergenic & made with a beautiful, light coloured 14k yellow karat yellow gold. These pieces are hard-wearing, can be worn daily & will last many years. Over time your piece may fade to a beautiful rose gold tone.

 18k Gold Fill | Copper base metal

Our copper based pieces are a nickel-free & may be a slightly brighter yellow gold colour due to the higher gold karat used (18k). Due to coppers composition over time these pieces may fade or oxidise to a rose, ombre colour, due to the contact with ones skin acidity & oils.

Metal rubbing on metal

If you choose to layer necklaces or pendants please note that metal rubbing against metal may affect the wear of ones piece. If this is the case YCL Jewels is not responsible for returning or exchanging pieces.

The PH of your skin

One's body chemistry may affect how your jewellery wears, this is due to the fact that some people's perspiration & body oils are can be more acidic than others. This may cause discolouration or oxidisation to your jewellery, if this is the case YCL Jewels is not responsible for returning or exchanging pieces.  

Storing your pieces

Our jewels are carefully packaged in our signature YCL boxes, perfect for storing your pieces in when travelling or gifting to a loved one. For daily storage, we recommend avoiding moisture and allowing your pieces access to free flowing air by laying flat in a jewellery dish or hanging on a hook.

 Cleaning Gold Fill jewellery

We recommend putting the chain of your piece (not pendants) under warm water & gently rub the chain with a soft, baby tooth brush or cotton tip to get into the links & clean them. Do not rub gold fill jewellery harshly with a jewellery cleaning cloth as this could damage your item.